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 IMS installation procedure PLEASE refer to a shop manual for all safety precautions - West Side Auto assumes no responsibility for  the contents of these instruction  or your safety. This is only meant to give you sense of what is involved to perform the procedure.

StStart by putting the top and clam shell into the service position - remove the storage tray or speakers, carpet and engine cover - then either purchase or make an engine holder ( this will hold the back of the engine up when the transmission is removed. - put both seats in full forward position - remove 4 carpet retainers and remove carpet - then remove the 10mm bolts and nuts holding the front inspection panel in place - remove panel
cam position
Looking at the front of the engine through the inspection panel remove the cam covers using a small screwdriver through the center of the plug (its soft in the center ) and carefully pry it out -with a 24 mm wrench rotate the crankshaft (clockwise only) until top dead center ( OT) for #1 cylinder is aligned and the elongated hole will allow you to insert the pin. You will know this is on #1 when the smaller side of the cam lobe is facing away from the crank
Now comes the fun part - remove the muffler, intermediate pipes, diagonal braces, lower tray, rear brace, sway bar-disconnect shift cables, back up light switch wire, drive shafts and finally place a jack or  whatever you have that is capable of holding the weight of the transmission ( approx 200#) under the transmission and remove all mount bolts and rear mounts. pull back and lower the transmission. Finally remove the clutch and pressure plate ( remove the bolts one turn at a time to prevent warping the press plate) unless you are replacing it, then just air wrench it off.

Now its time to remove the flywheel ( Porsche recommends replacing the bolts after each use same with the pressure plate bolts) Now its time to remove the 2 chain tensioners 35mm wrench I usually remove the one for Cyl 1-3 first then the crank tensioner - now remove the IMS cover then the retainer and the LN engineering bearing removal tool and pool your bearing - BTW you should have frozen the new bearing with the installation tool so it's good and cold for insertion

AAs stated above the new bearing should have been frozen overnight for installation - you must align the bearing before hammering it in place (*** keep in mind when you hammer the bearing in that the other end of the IMS shaft is position inside the oil pump housing which is made out of aluminum) you can break the housing if you hit the bearing too hard - however you must get the bearing past the retaining groove to be able to install the clip.
THAT's it put everything back in the reverse order - follow specific torque's for each component and follow all safety precautions